Belkin Graphic Design department

Belkin_BV_Graphics01 The Challenge:

  • Build up a Graphic Design department to support the EMEA markets.
  • Make proposals for all “necessities”.
  • Create and manage the annual budget.
  • Build up an efficient workflow to tranform the US packaging into multi-lingual EMEA packaging.
  • Align the EMEA department with its US counterpart.
 teamBelkin-cards The Result:

  • A Graphic Design team that consists of graphic designers, a trafficmanager and a photographer. Build a team of 10 people in the Netherlands and 2 in the UK.
  • A workflow, broken down into processes with a “Playbook” as guidance made by Roy Pesik.
  • A time and project on-line system, where tickets can be made for the projects and Designers can assign there hours to their projects.
  • Producing annual budgets to plan for resources in the coming years. (Budget control against Forecasts from Sales)
  • A “trading-card” project to connect EMEA designers with their US counterparts. Creating awareness for each others problems.
  • Demonstrate the problems we face here with the different languages and character sets and finding a solution. (Presentation for the US designers, productmanagers and directors in the Los Angeles office, short version click here)