Rework DTP production

 Cases-images-Belkin-Cables The Challenge:

  • Change the content of existing packaging into multi-lingual (18 languages).
  • Languages used: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Russian, Romanian, Slovenian, Turkish, Greek, Ukrainan, Arabic.
  • Produce artwork for 150 products.

My input and responsibilities:

  • Mastering the problems of InDesign and Latin based and non-Latin based languages.
  • Sourcing and managing a DTP team.
  • Physically checking and collecting artwork.
  • Managing traffic between translators and designers.
The Solution:

  • Setup processes that are needed between translators and designers.
  • Change the budget to include the extra costs for the multi-langual character problems.
  • Set up a proofreading process. Standardize most of the translations.

The Result:

  • A complete set of packaging within the given due date.
 Belkin-Cable-BackSide-01 Belkin-Cable-BackSide-02