Complete production

TomTom-presentatie_roypesikbv-juli2011-1 The Challenge:

  • Revamping of the entire accessory line.
  • Stay within the current style, since the packaging will be mixed on the sales floor.
  • Increase visibility of products.
  • Improve/optimize footprint use on the plan-o-grams.
  • Reduce production costs.
  • Improve Genuine Brand awareness.

My input and responsibilities:

  • Creating the concept (visualize in a presentation).
  • Present this project to VP’s and Sales directors to have their “buy-in”.
  • Excecute the templates.
  • Source photographer for in-use images and give art-direction.
  • Communicate direct to vendors of cardboard and plastic inserts.
  • Direct involvement with the plastic vendor and re-arrange placement of the product in the plastic for a maximum use with the smallest footprint possible.
The Solution:

  • Inventarisation of current situation. Store-visits. Checking the problems with returns (RMA’s).
  • Complete control over the plastic insert and dictating how the product must sit in the mold.
  • Structural box design, Sample run of the cardboard to show to a selection of people.
  • Overview of dimensions of plan-o-grams in the stores in combination with optimized productmix of highest selling items.


TomTom-presentatie_roypesikbv-juli2011-3 The Result:

  • A complete line that fits in the current situation at the stores.
  • More visibility of the product, because of the “wrap-around-window”.
  • Introduction of “in-use” images to explain the use of the product.
  • Branding all over (logo also in plastic insert) and value-adding holografic sticker.
  • Improved strength of the box, by using different way of folding, use of a locktab and support from the plastic insert in the corners.
  • Cut-down in costs, by decreasing the amount of different dimensions boxes.
  • Cut-down in sku’s/versions by combining the different languages. No localized boxes.

From old situation to current.

1) Old packaging
2) In-between study
3) End-result
4) For carry-cases, with “call-out screensize” and
opening in plastic to feel the material