Who am I …

RP_MG_6134-pp-500pxWhy am I the right person for your job. Because of my expertise of more then 30 years in the Graphic Design Industry I have found a multitude of solutions to make it more workable for companies and their product managers.  Whether they are construction related or people I can find my way with both. DTP productions with large Sku numbers will need a strict timeline and dedication to honor the deadlines! This is what I always do.


One phone call away!

Some of the solutions I have implemented are: Workflow processes to manage a team of graphic designers. Smarter placement of products in packaging to minimize the product/packaging ratio. Efficiency lines to speed-up the production. You can find my CV in PDF format here.

Roy Pesik | Vivaldisingel 177 | 2151 NH Nieuw-Vennep | the Netherlands

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